Introducing Exabits

Over the next decade, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology will become an integral part of our digital lives, influencing every aspect of our existence. At Exabits, we are committed to making the AI ecosystem equitable, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, education, nationality, location, language, culture, or religion.
Exabits is a decentralized infrastructure for AI and computationally intensive applications. It empowers users to contribute to the Exabits infrastructure and train their unique AI models.
We are proud to enable users to offer distributed GPU services, data storage, or expertise to the AI communities without the need for a central authority or intermediary. Participants can use their web3 identities, such as a blockchain wallet address or a Decentralized Identity (DID), to engage in the marketplace and provide their services to the AI ecosystem.
Our marketplace facilitates access to and purchase of a variety of AI-related services and resources, including computing services, data storage, and Model as a Service (MaaS). This promotes fairness, efficiency, and performance in AI, fostering the growth of the AI ecosystem.

Mission and Vision

Technology fosters creativity, propels the advancement of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, and creates a positive impact on human digital life.
Our mission is to streamline digital experiences by reducing costs, saving time, and enhancing the quality of life for our users.
Our vision is to build a dynamic digital ecosystem where users actively participate and benefit from their contributions. By providing computing resources, training machine learning models, generating content, and sharing data, our users become integral parts of our network. We envision a future where knowledge and resources are shared freely, fostering an open, friendly, and collaborative environment.